Instrument Rentals

Band and Strings Rental Program

**We rent the best new and used band instruments and European made violins, violas and cellos, punctual instrument service/maintenance and have the best prices in the area.

Monthly Band Instrument Prices

$23.00 mo

$23.00 mo.

$23.00 mo.

$23.00 mo.

Bell Kit
$23.00 mo.

Snare Kit
$23.00 mo.

Combo Kit
$23.00 mo.

Alto Saxophone
$39.00 mo

$44.00 mo

French Horn
$44.00 mo

Monthly Strings Prices

All Violins
$23.00 mo

$45.00 mo

Up to 14” Viola
$23.00 mo

15” Viola and up
$36.00 mo

RENTAL CREDIT TOWARDS OWNERSHIP…After the school year (9 months) renting a Dale City Music Instrument, we will take six ( 6 ) months rental credit off the purchase price of a new instrument. No strings and no hidden fees. Just quality and value!

We are a registered Jupiter dealer and our industry professionals can assist with the purchase of a new student, intermediate or professional band instruments once you have decided to make that commitment!

**Payment Options: Cash, Check Credit Card, Debit Card
**Recurring payment for credit card, debit card or ACH
**Online payment portal
**Optional damage/Loss waiver

**All music books and name brand accessories your child might need are in stock now!!!