Fender Passport 500 PRO Audio System


The PRO models are a huge step in the ongoing evolution of Passport into the very finest in portable PA solutions. Fender has kept the best of previous Passport generations and added amazing features and improved functionality so that the Passport systems are ideal for whatever your application may be–education, sporting and worship events; meetings, seminars and presentations; gigs at parties, small clubs and coffeehouses. The eight-channel Passport 500 PRO is the top-of-the-line Passport system. The 500 model has always had the most power and the best clarity; now it also has a port that lets you record your performance with CD quality (.wav) straight to a USB flash drive, CD-quality .wav and mp3 file playback, sub-out jack for an external powered sub-woofer, lighter weight (a full 9 lbs. lighter than the earlier Passport 500 model), smaller physical dimensions, and a redesigned speaker system with 10″ woofer and improved clarity.



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