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4367 Dale Boulevard, Dale City, VA, 22193  |  703.680.2212

Instrument Rentals

Band and Strings Rent-To-Own Program

Engaging in music boosts childhood development and learning including improved social skills and superior academic results!!

  • 100% of monthly rental payments apply to purchase of quality new and like new instruments in our Rent-To-Own Program. Your Plan and Pricing is guaranteed for the length of your rental.
  • Rent monthly for as long as you desire. Rent your instrument nonstop an you own it.
  • We rent all instruments for band and strings programs in Prince William, Stafford and Fairfax Counties.

We are renting an instrument for my child for school. The monthly rental fee is a fair price and the instrument is of good quality.

Jennifer Dembowski

I have four children who play instruments. I have rented instruments from them. They are very helpful and very knowledgeable. They take time to show me and my children how to take care of the instruments. They fixed the instruments at no charge, even when we’ve been at fault. They are very friendly, efficient and very affordable.


We’ve been renting violins from Dale City Music for years for our boys. Always a great experience and the store remodel looks great.

Kathleen Blodgett