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Instrument Repairs

Repairs for Musical Instruments

Whether you are just getting started or a seasoned professional, instruments in excellent playing condition will contribute to your success. We offer punctual service with superior quality for the most reasonable prices in the area. We specialize in repairing woodwinds, brass, stringed instruments including violins, violas, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass guitar, as well as drums. Free estimates, your questions are welcome.

Guitar Repairs, Strings Repairs and Setups

Got a new guitar and need a setup? Want to install new pickups on your electric guitar? Have an older guitar that needs work or repairs? Whatever the situation, Dale City Music has years of experience in a large range of guitar repairs and modifications. Get your fingers back on the fretboard — download the pricing sheet for the type of repair you need to get started.

Guitar Setups and Restrings Pricing Sheet

Acoustic Guitar and Strings Repairs Pricing Sheet

Electric Guitar Repairs Pricing Sheet

Woodwind / Brass Intrument Repairs

Dale City Music commonly performs repairs on flutes, saxophones, clarinets, and other brass instruments. From pad replacements, key adjustments, dent removals, spring replacements, or even a clean and polish, Dale City Music can help bring your woodwind or brass instrument back to its former looking and sounding condition. Please download the 2-page pricing sheet for more information about various repairs.

Woodwind and Brass Repairs Pricing Sheet